Career guidance, Forlì campus

The Career guidance service guides and assists students throughout their university career, helping them participate actively in the learning process.

Career guidance on the Forlì campus

The School Vice-Chairmanship is actively engaged in in various guidance initiatives designed for high-school pupils, Campus students and recent graduates.

To guide high-school pupils through the tricky choice of a university career, the School Vice-Chairmanship organises a range of guidance events (for more detail, check out the Almaorienta website). On these occasions pupils and teachers are given material about the School’s programme catalogue; they may sit in on university teachers’ presentations and speak to teaching and administrative staff, clearing up points of doubt, finding out about the peculiarities of degree programmes and how they differ, and learning about the training offered and the job prospects.

The Campus Vice-Chairmanship also runs presentations by university teaching staff at schools in many Italian regions. It holds an open-day when visitors can inspect the campus facilities and take part in university life at Forlì.

Students enrolled at the School are not left to their own devices: a tutoring service has been introduced to guide them through their learning curriculum. Tutors meet students on a regular basis, helping them throughout their university years.

Tutors are backed by the Teaching Office, which helps students draw up their study plan.

The Teaching Office is there to inform high-school pupils, new students and those already enrolled about the training activities, the training activities connected with degree programmes, the Study Plan, and getting credits validated following transfers.